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WordPress has become the most popular web development platform. There are a number of reasons for that

  1. It is free software.

WordPress is an open-source software. WordPress is absolutely free software. We can download install and edit the software. WordPress is developed by many talented people not a single company. Even though there is a team for the development of core files anyone can contribute features and fix bugs. There are many themes and plugins available free of cost. So to develop a WordPress Cost-Effective.

2. Easy to transform.

You can make any type of website with WordPress whether it is a blog or eCommerce or even a small website. 

3. Easy to handle

WordPress is very easy to handle ie, to edit a WordPress  site you do not need to know to code, anyone can edit the content or  install or update plugins themes in WordPress.

4. Easy to implement SEO.

It is very easy to implement SEO in a WordPress site.


These are the main things which make WordPress much popular.

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